An artistic project presented as a one-woman theatre show and a workshop.

The title is a quote from Shakespeares's play The Timing of the Shrew and reflects on the desire for a future that will attend individual freedom and power within our communities and societies, celebrating gender equality and diversity against violence.

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WE WILL WITNESS the one-woman show:

WWW is a one-woman show revisiting female stereotypes from the classical plays vs the modern virtual era. Internet and social media play an important mission in shaping our reality and the way we see the world today, but have these references changed much since the Renaissance especially when it comes to women?

In the XVII Century Imperialism led by Spain and later by England expanded globally and so did the ideas of patriarchy and capitalism that have accompanied us until today.

In WWW we explore female characters created by Shakespeare and authors from the Spanish Golden Age, such as Calderón and Lope de Vega, to discover that most stereotypes are still applicable to the way modern society labels women: the young innocent woman, the witty aggressive woman, the powerful woman, the exotic woman, the victim or the witch, among others. This piece of new writing retails these stories from a modern perspective to denounce the lack of freedom, the inequality and the violence we still experience as women in today's world.

For this purpose, WWW text uses extracts from the original Renaissance plays (translated when needed) as well as new writing mainly inspired by information gathered from internet sources. The title We Will Witness is also a clear reference to the World Wide Web.




A first-generation migrant woman (our protagonist) comes here today to do her show but she tells the audience that she hasn't had enough time to write the piece. She invites them to stay and help her with her research into classical plays, she needs to find a heroine but none of them seems suited to tell the story she wants to tell today from her female first-generation migrant point of view. She has gathered us all here today to be her witnesses, this encounter feels trivial at first but it evolves into the unexpected, it becomes a ritual, a ceremony that allows us to contact past female characters like Ophelia (from Hamlet) or Mencía (from Surgent of Honer) and give them the opportunity to rewrite their story. Each character perpetrates an act of rebellion, an attempt to self-love and forgiveness. The audience will be their witnesses, they will be taken into a hilarious yet heartbreaking journey: an empowering piece reflecting on the need to become ourselves fitting fear, anger and stereotypes.


WE WILL WITNESS the workshop:

This workshop for young diverse people will explore how to reinvent classical theatrical and poetic texts focusing on current social issues; gender, racial and social inequality, systemic oppression, cultural identity and environmental issues. It will be targeted at young participants from diverse backgrounds with an interest in theatre-making and digital storytelling. The workshop will be delivered in person and online.



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Hello welcome. Today is a very special day .... thank you for being here you are indispensable ...Thanks for coming. It's all a bit sad, a bit bland, there is not much paraphernalia as you can see, but that's not important, because the important thing is to find her ... find her through the story, a story...

This is a story about what's been said about us,
the names we've been called,
the roles we have been given,
The words that have shaped us
This is a story about words, names, given...
A story bout how words shape us, make us who we are ...

This is a story of a woman riding a horse dressed as a man, a woman falling from the whore, a woman drowning, a woman surviving a ship-break, a woman lost in an island, a woman raised in an island, never seen a man before, a woman raised in a world controlled by men, a woman who loves a man, a pregnant woman a woman who has a baby, a woman who has lost her baby, a woman who has lost hope, a woman looking for hope and virtue, and beauty, an other-white or Mediterranean white woman, first-generation migrant European that came to this island in 2013 or only 400 years ago. Queen Katerine of Aragon, Catholic Spanish Queen, her divorce from Henry III was the first Brexit.

But which is the ultimate tragedy of our time? You tell me...

It would be difficult to do this without talking a lot ... so I'm going to talk a lot, ... a lot. I'm sorry, I don't know if this is really that interesting as for you being here for an hour listening to this string of thoughts, but that's the way it will be and if you get up now and leave it will be... bad ... because I will sink into insecurity and those poor members of the audience who will remain... well, they will not have a great time at all.. and. ... anyway. I am going to ask you a favour before I start: just get involved, yes, pretend you like it, yes, please, pretend that you like it and that you are interested even if it is not true, and if I ask you to help me with something please do... because if you dom, then I will stand here and give my best. Yes, if I feel safe and accompanied I will give my best ... as it happens in life, for most human beings, they perform better under a safe environment, ... but if I feel judged, oppressed, censored and subjected to your power ... as public, your power as an audience, then fear kicks in and the worst of me comes out, the worse, my worse. So then, we are going to establish, and let it be clear, that this is a collaboration, that this going well today does not depend on me only, it depends on all of us.


This is everyone's responsibility. Let's find her together...