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"The actress Paula Rodríguez manages to transform herself in Carmen Laforet, with her hair parted on one side, her pencil skirt and her knitted sweater, but above all with the sound of her voice, the sparkle in her eyes and her smile"
***** El Pais. Rafe de Miguel

Rodríguez and Arpa are brilliant performers who denote changes of character with deft economy and mimetically evoke everything from court balls to raging battles.
**** The Guardian. Michael Billington. 

Rodríguez pulls off a perfect mix of strength and vulnerability in the title role.
**** LondonThetare1.


It is impossible to not immediately fall in love with Rodriguez as Conchita Cintron, she plays the headstrong, passionate woman with flair and completely becomes the character.
**** The theatre turist.

Paula Rodriguez is mesmerising.
****Mind the Blog. 

Theatre making


“AURIC is an oral and aural dialogue between cultures and times as well as with the audience, our ideas, and our senses”

The Theatre Times

“The audience is taken through a journey consisting of the elements, constellations and more, the listener is asked to ponder various concepts, allowing lyricism to take centre stage. "Theatrefullstop

"AURIC offers a new perspective of this legacy, through a unique experience transcending space and time"

“A first-rate and original approach to performing poetic material from Spain’s Golden Age in a light-hearted but rigorous manner. “Auric” com- bines canonical with lesser-known voices in a way that is accessible to all, but which also contains insights aplenty for those well-versed in the Early Modern period”

Professor Duncan Wheeler, Chair of Spanish Studies and Director of International Activities. University of Leeds.

“There are two great things about the Renaissance: that it was highly inter- national, and that it hasn’t stopped happening yet. AURIC are keeping alive the poetry of the Spanish golden age and making it happen now, even for Anglophone ears, in fresh, eloquent present-day music”

Michael Dobson Director of the Shakespeare Institute.

“AURIC show & workshop presents diverse ways and offers tools for exploring one’s linguistic resources and, in doing so, accessing and performing one’s creative agency. It is particularly empowering for those whose voices are marginalised, including international students, and under- represented young migrants”

Kasia Lech, University College Dublin.

“AURIC brings world-class culture to audiences in the UK, making Spanish classics universal & accessible to Anglophone audiences & underrepresented communities”
Paula Paz, Artistic director at Cervantes Theatre.

The Other Solos

"The foreign accents of international actors saying Shakespeare, are more poignant than ever"

The Theatre Times


Teatro Inverso


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