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Paula Rodríguez is an award-winning actress and theatre-maker working internationally in TV, Film and Theatre. She graduated from RESAD (Madrid) and holds an Acting MA from RCSSD (London). In the UK, She has worked with directors Tim Supple and Kelly Hunter, and at the Bridge Theatre, the Young Vic, Orange Tree Theatre, Cervantes Theatre and Chichester Festiva. She has also worked at Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, Corral de Comedias Alcalá de Henares, Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival, Teatro de la Abadía, Iliure Teatre (Spain), Golden Age Festival of Ciudad Juárez (México), Nuevo Siglo Drama Festival Chamizal, Heart of America Festival (USA), Gavleborg Folkteatern (Sweden), Shakespeare Festival Neuss (Germany), and Craiova International Festival (Romania) among others. She has appeared in Channel 4 and TVE1 series as well as awarded short films such as La Masa and The Stronger.

Paula is the artistic director of Teatro Inverso, a company reinventing Spanish Golden Age Theatre for international Audiences and Our New Gold Digital Storytelling Festival. She is a member of the Academia de las Artes Escénicas.


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