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"AURIC succeeds in transcending temporal and spatial limits to absorb the audience with its words, sounds, and emotions"
The Theatre Times

"AURIC is meditative, it offers a chance to slow down and consume art in an alternative manner"

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Our next performance
(in-person & live-streamed)
13th of October at 5:30 pm 
Byre Theatre
St Andrews

Created, Produced, and Performed by Paula Rodriguez

Music Composed and Performed by Arthur Astier

International producer: Lorenzo Pappagallo Xperteatro

Translation and Adaptation by Paula Rodriguez

Translation Support by Ben Naylor

Graphic Design: Maya Gold




AURiC (Songs From A Golden Age) is a Gig Theatre show based on texts from the Spanish Golden Age, freely translated and adapted to English by Paula Rodriguez.

Spanish Golden Age authors left us a rich and extensive heritage to explore. Writers like Cervantes, Calderón de la Barca, and Lope de Vega created masterpieces such as Don Quixote (Cervantes), Life is a Dream (Calderón), or Fuenteovejuna (Lope). They also wrote many plays, poems, sonnets, and songs that reflect on universal matters as a profound dissection of the human condition.

As all good Classics, these texts still resonate strongly in our time and should be reinterpreted and shared with international audiences in an accessible and contemporary form that highlights social issues such as freedom, equality and justice.

“AURIC is a response to the need I have to revitalising my own heritage in the world and context in which I live now. During the Renaissance period, the connection between Spain and England was very strong. Whether at war or at peace both empires understood the world in a similar light and the echoes between Shakespeare and the Spanish Golden Age authors are tangible.

My main objective in this project is to find a flexible and approachable platform to present these materials. I have therefore created a performance in which contemporary tunes mix with the power of these classical words. An experience that merges a spoken-word piece and an indie-experimental rock concert."

Paula Rodriguez

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