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Inspired by last year’s commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, and in the light of recent socio-political events around the world, such as the rise of populism and anti-immigration sentiment, a collective of international artists come together to create a series of films, seeking answers on the subjects of immigration, exile, identity and the balance of power within the works of Shakespeare.

Produced by the artists themselves and aired exclusively on YouTube in the coming weeks,
The Other Solos offers a unique perspective on some of Shakespeare’s most compelling monologues. Performed by international artists that seek to celebrate, rather than hide their foreign accents as they speak English, the series is a stark reminder of the fact that many of Shakespeare’s characters are foreigners themselves, confronting issues of allegiance and identity. From shipwrecks to warlords, his plays often speak of human beings exposed to the difficulties and injustices of exile and banishment. In a world where discussion around origin and identity are often plagued with divisive and confrontational rhetoric, Shakespeare's words are today more poignant than ever.

Paula Rodríguez, curator of the programme says,
“As a foreign artist working with Shakespeare you are constantly confronted with this feeling of cultural appropriation but his work belongs to everyone and is the heritage of mankind. His vision of the world is boundless. With this project, we wanted to inspire active debate and reach out to a wide international audience that might or may not be familiar with the tribulations of his characters, which are in so many ways, the same as ours”.

The Other Solos will launch exclusively on YouTube with the support of other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow.

For further details and information please contact: Email

The Team

Paula Rodriguez, Producer and Director

Dominik Webb, Filmmaker
Patricia Rodriguez, Producer
Ben Naylor, Text coach

Carmen Marrero, Music

The Cast

Lise Aagaard
Liraz Chamami
Hervé Goffings
Paul Mauch

Konstantinos Kavakiotis

Paula Rodríguez 

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